How to Secure the BAG: Making Money from Music in 2019

Powered by the Association of Independent Music (AIM) When you become an artist or songwriter, your focus is on your passion for music and your creative output. It can be easy to forget that you need to earn money and turn a profit in order to allow the creative juices to keep flowing. This session is perfect for helping you to refocus your mind and see your blossoming career as a small business. The quicker you get your head around this concept, the more successful you are likely to be. Full story

Sunday Roast Live: with Joe and Scully

A special edition of Joe and Scully’s legendary Reprezent radio show Sunday Roast, exclusive to Industry Takeover. Debating the topic ‘The future of live underground music post-Form 696’, Joe and Scully will be joined by a panel of passionate industry insiders who’ll be keen to have their say. Full story

Management Matters

Powered by the Music Managers Forum The panel will be discussing the role of the manager in the music industry, and how that role will be affected by recent changes in the industry. Does an artist of today still need a manager? When and how should they get one? What are the steps you need to take to become a manager? Full story

How to Steal My Job: A Beginner’s Guide to the Music Industry | Industry Takeover All Dayer 2019

Powered by CMU:DIY and Polydor Records/Universal Music UK What better way to kick off Industry Takeover 2019 than this information-packed session. This is music industry 101, an absolute must for anyone who dreams of a career in music, whether it’s performing, producing or managing. You’ll learn from the pros about the structure of the industry, how it all fits together and how that structure relates to artists. Full story

Does getting played on the radio still matter?

You might think, with the success of streaming and particularly playlists, that radio is dead. But we say ignore radio at your peril. Nowadays, we're particularly lucky in the UK to have a range of radio stations and shows with diverse music policies and in this Internet era it’s also possible to reach international broadcasters too. So what’s the secret to getting played on the radio? Well, here’s a brief guide about how the industry works: Full story

100% DIY: How to manage yourself as an artist

We’re seeing more and more artists successfully self-manage these days. So whether you haven’t found the right manager yet or like the idea of being in control of every aspect of your business, it ’s more than achievable. Be realistic when setting goals, and prepare for some serious graft, but in return, you know that all the profits are coming straight to you and you’ve got complete artistic control. Full story

How to get your music heard

You’ve laid down a few tracks now you’re ready for the world to hear them, but how to get your new bangers out to fans and industry insiders? Here are a few tips to get you started with building your fanbase and impressing the tastemakers: Get Online Full story

What's the structure at a major record label?

For many artists, record labels are the gateway to the industry, and even those who are independent might find themselves considering an idea to work alongside one; so knowing the different roles, responsibilities and demands of your potential team is invaluable in building a solid relationship with your label. To set you on the right path, we’ve broken down the essentials just for you. Full story

Industry Takeover All Dayer: Networking It's Now Or Never

On Saturday 23rd February Urban Development are hosting our very own one-day urban music conference! It is called Industry Takeover All Dayer and is a combination of A&R sessions, workshops, panels and showcases which bring the best and brightest in urban music right to you! Have you ever been to a music networking event where you find yourself nodding aimlessly and your mind drifts off to whether you've defrosted that 5-month old lasagne, or if instead you should just pick up a Nando's? Chicken and chips visuals infiltrate your mind's eye all because the person you're meant to be having a 'conversation' with is ranting on about how they're going to be the next Stormzy. Point being, don't be this guy. Full story

Sync deals: how to get your music played on TV

Effective sync deals have launched many artists’ careers. A sync deal is an agreement between the license holder of a song and a television company, video game maker or advertiser who wants to include that song as a soundtrack or use it in their media. As a way to get your music out to a bigger and more diverse audience, not much beats this method. But how do you go about securing a sync deal? Full story

How to get your song on iTunes / Spotify

As streaming services continue to grow in popularity, it only makes sense that registering your music on platforms like Spotify and iTunes is essential for success (and your ultimate plans for world domination). In this article, we breakdown everything you need to get started. Full story

What does an A&R do?

A&R stands for artists and repertoire and they sit in a division within a record label with several important roles. If you’re an artist, manager or producer, it’s worth getting to know a bit about A&Rs, especially as they’re often considered as the gatekeepers of the music industry; and if you sign with a label, they’ll definitely play a huge part of your career. Full story

Why it's important for artists to collaborate

Think about some of your favourite collaborations in music. What was it you loved about them? Was it the mix of styles, the new sound they created or the fact it opened your eyes to a new artist? Either way, all of these are great reasons to work with others. When starting out in the industry, collaboration is more important than ever and here’s why. Full story

How to find a music producer

Perhaps you’ve got a few songs written, have been gigging for a little while and you’re ready to lay some tracks down in a recording studio. Your first job is to find a producer and here’s everything you need to get started. Full story