Black History Month: Queen Kanya King

There’s the Grammys, Brits, Q and Mercury Prize Awards. But Kanya King gave us the first award show that specifically shed light on Black British music during a time where recognition was hard to come by. Thanks to this queen, we now have The MOBO (Music of Black Origin) Awards. Full story

Black History Month: Hail Kano

The man made in the manor, the Ps to our Qs, a significant contributor to Grime. Well respected amongst his peers and idolised by many rappers who have graced the stage after him. He is the one and only Kano. Full story

Black History Month: Ms “Dy-Na-Mi-T-ee”

She’s one of the UK’s most recognisable voices from the past 20 years, Her name has become synonymous with the early 2000s, and she is a pillar in the UK garage/urban genre. The one and only Ms.Dynamite, British rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer, recipient of the Mercury Music Prize, two-time Brit Award winner and three-time MOBO Award winner. Full story

Black History Month: Jamal Edwards

From Topman shop floor assistant to becoming an MBE recipient, best-selling author, and a prominent figure and inspiration for Black British entrepreneurs in the past ten years, Jamal Edwards story so far... Full story

Urban Development Presents: Urban Flames & more

Urban Development are proud to present a showcase of some the best talent that has come through our doors in the last two years. We’re also pleased to announce rising stars Miraa May and Amaria will take to the stage with our very own Urban Flames vocal collective! Full story

Ask The Experts

This is your opportunity to bring those burning questions, about your music career to one of our industry insiders. “Ask The Experts” is a chance to get personalised feedback and advice – find out how to develop your artistry, get top tips on self-management or even advice on landing a job in the industry. Full story

Get Played, Get Paid

From the moment a song is written or recorded, that creation goes on a journey eventually ending up in the ears of fans. This session will explore that journey. This is ideal for any unsigned writers or artists wishing to get the lowdown on music publishing. You’ll discover the process involved in creating, licensing and releasing music and how that music can then earn the writer and performer money. Full story

How to Secure the BAG: Making Money from Music in 2019

Powered by the Association of Independent Music (AIM) When you become an artist or songwriter, your focus is on your passion for music and your creative output. It can be easy to forget that you need to earn money and turn a profit in order to allow the creative juices to keep flowing. This session is perfect for helping you to refocus your mind and see your blossoming career as a small business. The quicker you get your head around this concept, the more successful you are likely to be. Full story

Sunday Roast Live: with Joe and Scully

A special edition of Joe and Scully’s legendary Reprezent radio show Sunday Roast, exclusive to Industry Takeover. Debating the topic ‘The future of live underground music post-Form 696’, Joe and Scully will be joined by a panel of passionate industry insiders who’ll be keen to have their say. Full story

Management Matters

Powered by the Music Managers Forum The panel will be discussing the role of the manager in the music industry, and how that role will be affected by recent changes in the industry. Does an artist of today still need a manager? When and how should they get one? What are the steps you need to take to become a manager? Full story

How to Steal My Job: A Beginner’s Guide to the Music Industry | Industry Takeover All Dayer 2019

Powered by CMU:DIY and Polydor Records/Universal Music UK What better way to kick off Industry Takeover 2019 than this information-packed session. This is music industry 101, an absolute must for anyone who dreams of a career in music, whether it’s performing, producing or managing. You’ll learn from the pros about the structure of the industry, how it all fits together and how that structure relates to artists. Full story

What does a booking agent do?

A booking agent is a major cog in the machine that is your new career. They’ll be one of the many business partners whom you pay to manage a certain income stream of your business in return for a percentage of the income from that stream. Full story

Does getting played on the radio still matter?

You might think, with the success of streaming and particularly playlists, that radio is dead. But we say ignore radio at your peril. Nowadays, we're particularly lucky in the UK to have a range of radio stations and shows with diverse music policies and in this Internet era it’s also possible to reach international broadcasters too. So what’s the secret to getting played on the radio? Well, here’s a brief guide about how the industry works: Full story