Funding Your Future

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How to make money from your music...

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One of the major obstacles many new artists face at the start of their career is how to make money, or how to find the cash injection they need to get their career off the ground. 
It’s all very well working round the clock to pay your studio bills, but ultimately if it leads to exhaustion and creative block it isn’t going to get you very far. 
This session will look at everything finance-related.  We’ll suggest funding schemes that are available for artists in your position, as well on tips for how to apply for them. We’ll also cover how to make sure that you start earning as quickly as possible, by signing yourself up for royalties and maximising on that early income. 

Find out how to manage your money and where to splash out as well as what organisations can offer advice and support for artists. 

  • Ellie Moore – Senior Creative Programme Officer, Help Musicians UK
  • Joe Danher – Creative Programme Officer, Help Musicians UK
Help Musicians UK is a charity working to support professional musicians financially at times of crisis or opportunity. As well as financial support they provide practical advice and support to artists. 

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