Get To Know Get Rated Winner And Birmingham Rapper Lady Sanity

Crowned this year’s 2017 Get Rated Winner, Lady Sanity, a rapper hailing out of Birmingham is definitely one to watch. We caught up with her to get an update on life since winning the competition but also to get to know more about her as an artist. 

Lady Sanity expressed the win of the Get Rated Competition coming as a shock with her initial reaction to the win being surprised but grateful. Winning Get Rated has definitely helped shine more light to the Birmingham rapper, where a higher level of recognition especially from people in her hometown coming alongside the win of the award. Not only that, she also mentioned the win resulting in those who’ve known her taking her much more seriously.  We also took it back to her beginnings in music, where the Birmingham rapper recalls developing her love for music when she was just 11, which up until then she expressed not liking music at all. Her older sister played a huge influence on her earlier on, by listening to her sister blasting grime and garage in her room Lady Sanity found her love for music. 

Lady Sanity: “I always try to have a deeper meaning to what I’m saying” 

Lady Sanity has a strong love for old-school sounding hip-hop, an influence which laces her own music and sound, which she describes as unique, creative and conscious. When asked about the reason for her music being conscious she stated

Lady Sanity: "it's just because, music speaks for itself... but as an artist you're there to interpret and tell your story" 

Since winning the Rated Awards, Lady Sanity has wasted no time to show everyone what else she’s got. She’s recently dropped her EP For Figures, a 5 track long EP which she had been working on for a year. 

Lady Sanity: "...I wanted it to show growth" 

When asked about the inspiration behind the title, Lady Sanity mentioned it surrounding her journey developing as an artist and her figuring out what steps that she would want to take next. Whether it be figuring out whether she would want to make as much money as possible or would want to stay true to herself. 

Lady Sanity: “I want to be able to jump into any genre and be comfortable”

‘For Figures’ is a project that Lady Sanity has presented to show her growth, alongside illustrate her love for different genres. Whilst some rappers refrain from tapping into different genres, Lady Sanity emphasises her love for jumping on a range of sounds and not being categorised, something that she’s attempted to illustrate in her EP. The EP has no particular genre, created with an aim to appeal to everyone. 

Lady Sanity mentioned taking on different personas on each track, contributing to her objective of wanting to create tracks that everyone can click with and appreciate. The project features Madi Saskia and Elle Chante on the tracks ‘They Won’t Hear A Word’ and ‘Just Us’. When asked about her dream collabs she mentioned Manchester emerging talent IAMDDB, Wretch 32, Akala, Joey Badass and Lauryn Hill, who she states as being ultimate goals. Alongside the project, Lady Sanity is working on giving her fans more visuals, she’s currently working on dropping a video for ‘Role Models’ the leading single on the EP.

From seeing her win the Get Rated Award and giving us new material to dig into, we also wanted to see what’s next on Lady Sanity’s bucket list. 

 “What’s next for 2018?” 

Lady Sanity: “I’m going to try and mess about with a lil bit of Grime next year... and try different things”

Although initially finding Grime as brass and ‘in your face’ with her new-found confidence Lady Sanity has announced that she would be making her entrance into the Grime scene in 2018. Whilst the birth of the sound being in London, Lady Sanity let us know how active the Grime scene in Birmingham is, and also mentioned the sound being at the forefront of the urban sound coming out of the city. When asked about her favourite current grime artists she mentioned the likes of SK, Sox and Dapz on The Map, all artists coming out of the Midlands. With the grime scene seeing a lot of progression in recent months, it would be interesting to see what the Birmingham rapper will bring to the scene.
Lady Sanity: “when I’m on stage I’m in my element” 
As well as stepping into the grime scene, Lady Sanity is planning to drop more singles, and is already sitting on a couple that she is ready to drop in the new year. Doing more performances and touring is also on the list, with the stage being the place where she’s most in her element. Make sure your keep eyes peeled for Lady Sanity and if you haven’t done so already, make sure to give her new EP ‘For Figures’ a listen! 

Words: Judite