You might not have seen ABSORB's name on our site in a little while, but having pounded the streets of Newcastle over the last twelve months, building his ABSORB ARCHIVE Collection through his Soundcloud page, as well as working on new music, he's back to his guest blog duties to get a few things off his chest...

People talk a good game when it comes to "being yourself" and "thinking outside of the box" but it's not too often that I ever come across anyone who really puts these words into action.

Take M.I.A as an example. I'm a fanboy. I don't care who knows it. Love her or hate her, she has her own style, her own ideas, her own way of doing things and I get the impression that once she's got her mind set on something, no-one in the world could persuade her to do something different because that's who she is. Instinct, in this case, is not to be mistaken with stubbornness. She does what she feels is right; for herself, for her family, for her brand, and if her instinct tells her to put out a record like BORDERS and have imagery in the video which sends out a clear message, she will.

I don't think she gave "the mainstream" a second thought when she was creating that track/video. So instinct. That gut feeling. That hunch we get when our brains decide whether or not something feels right or not, is so important. Lots of people, deep down, still seek validation from the powers that be because somehow with that certification, it makes them more credible. Why?

Surely as artists or business people, you, we, they, I, have a responsibility to push the boundaries, to make a bold decision, to put your neck on the line and say what's on your mind, and here in lies the very core of this guest blog. Saying is one thing but doing is something completely different.

If your instinct tells you to do something but you decide against this feeling and instead opt for something which feels safer because you think it'll satisfy or please more people, you're wrong. People don't stand out from the crowd by blending into the background. Trust your instinct.

You can find ABSORB over at www.absorbonline.com