How to Secure the BAG: Making Money from Music in 2019

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Powered by the Association of Independent Music (AIM) When you become an artist or songwriter, your focus is on your passion for music and your creative output. It can be easy to forget that you need to earn money and turn a profit in order to allow the creative juices to keep flowing. This session is perfect for helping you to refocus your mind and see your blossoming career as a small business. The quicker you get your head around this concept, the more successful you are likely to be.

Our Chair, Nina Radojewksi, Academy Coordinator at AIM, is devoted to helping young people get off the starting line with their music careers so she is perfectly placed to spill all her advice in this invaluable session. Self-management is becoming an increasingly popular option these days, but it’s certainly not the easy road. Here, you can get help understanding how starting a business works. Learn exactly what it takes, how much it costs and how to make a profit. This is also a chance to discuss how to balance your creative endeavours with your business sense, and how to cope when the two sides of your business – the creative and practical – are conflicting. With practical tips from those who have been there and experienced it, this is a must-do for anyone starting out in the music industry.  

Chair: Nina Radojewski, Association Of Independent Music (AIM)

Sam Campbell - c da sound Music Consultancy 

Andy Musgrave - Artist Manager AJ Tracey, Director Supernature

Bhavesh Patel - Programme Manager, PRS Foundation

AIM represents independent music bodies, is to manage the AIM Academy. They provide training to AIM members with an aim to help independent labels, distributors and artists achieve their goals. In her related role as part of the UK Music’s Skills and Education Programme Board, Nina works to help students find their path into the music industry.

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