Industry Takeover All Dayer: Networking It's Now Or Never

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On Saturday 23rd February Urban Development are hosting our very own one-day urban music conference! It is called Industry Takeover All Dayer and is a combination of A&R sessions, workshops, panels and showcases which bring the best and brightest in urban music right to you! Have you ever been to a music networking event where you find yourself nodding aimlessly and your mind drifts off to whether you've defrosted that 5-month old lasagne, or if instead you should just pick up a Nando's? Chicken and chips visuals infiltrate your mind's eye all because the person you're meant to be having a 'conversation' with is ranting on about how they're going to be the next Stormzy. Point being, don't be this guy.

On Saturday 23rd February Urban Development are hosting our very own one-day urban music conference! It is called Industry Takeover All Dayer and is a combination of A&R sessions, workshops, panels and showcases which bring the best and brightest in urban music right to you! So, whether you're the chatterbox of the crowd or the socially shy, follow these networking tips to ensure you make the most out of Industry Takeover All Dayer 2019! Because as we all know, this industry is built on contacts. 

1. Who To Approach?

Visual creatures by nature, we know instinctively to avoid the guy gritting his teeth, rolling his eyes back and incoherently mumbling lil Wayne's 'Lollipop' to himself (banging tune). Although with this being said, we can be too judgemental at times. What I'm saying is, don't judge a book by its cover, don't stick to 'your usual type of person' to network with. Take up the challenge of approaching others who you may not usually approach i.e. are you too shy to talk to some of the speakers after their panel? Just do it (no Nike sponsorship), you've nothing to lose, go out of your comfort zone and you just may meet your dream collaborator or mentor.  

2. It's In The Handshake

Don’t underestimate the power of a handshake. As quick as it takes to make a first impression of someone  based on appearances ( 7 secs ), similar can be said for the humble handshakes. Absolute no no's are limp handshakes and a lack of eye contact. Instead, smile and meet the strength of theirs while sustaining eye contact. Your handshake is a non-verbal clue that says a lot about your personality, you don't have a second chance to make a first impression, so nail this.

3. What Do I Ask Them?

It can be intimidating sometimes to approach someone, especially if they're a well-respected artist or industry professional. So give yourself a pat on the back when you do, you've accomplished step one, you've approached them, shook their hand (firmly) and gave them a brief greeting. Now what? Should you start talking about yourself or ask about them first?  It’s safest to ask about them first, networking is as much about how much you can offer someone else as it is about what others can offer you. At the same time, don’t undersell yourself! Just as you give the Stormzy wannabee a chance to share their one-minute elevator pitch, you too should return the serve and share insights about yourself in an engaging and polite way. 

Good conversation openers are maybe:  Have you attended any Urban Development events before? / Thank you for your insights on X topic it was because......../ What brought you to the Industry Takeover All Dayer?

4.  How To Close The Conversation

No one likes a dragged out chat, especially if you're dying for the loo. So how do you bring the conversation to a close in the best way possible? One option is to wait for them to finish their point and then extend out a hand and say 'it was lovely talking to you'.  If this doesn't work there is no harm in saying ‘I apologise, I need to a grab a drink, it was lovely chatting with you. Normally conversations come to a natural end, don’t be afraid to let other people into your conversation either, who knows who you might meet?

Networking events are always a mixture of awkwardness and excitement. We have designed Industry Takeover All Dayer so it is a warm and supportive environment, all the speakers and performers have come to share their knowledge with you – so make the most out of it!

Tickets are still on sale and include a free lunch! Tickets Here

Written by UD Creative and UD Media Team writer Natasha Moore