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We’re heading back to Red Bull Studios on Tuesday 18 April for the next instalment of our Industry Takeover series ‘Making & Monetising Video Content’ – where we’ll be giving you the lowdown on how you can make your video content work for you and start getting paid.

To find out more, grab your tickets to the next Industry Takeover seminar.
Do you want to:
-  Make videos on a budget?
-  Figure out which type of videos you should be making? 
-  Find video platforms beyond YouTube to post your content? 
-  Learn how to distribute your videos?
-  Make money from your YouTube and your other video channels?
If you answered YES then this session is for you. CMU’s Co-Founder and Editor, Chris Cooke will be joined by a panel of experts to give you all the answers.
In today’s digital world, every aspiring artist and music professional knows that video is more important than ever, particularly when you’re trying to build your audience. With platforms like YouTube attracting over a billion viewers each month, video content is not something you can afford to neglect.
We asked some industry insiders about monetising video and this is what they had to say:
“If you don’t have the resources, you are forced to think more creatively. Which can be a good thing”.  – Akinola Davies, Video Director 
“You have to decide what is best for you. There are things you can
do that might drive traffic – basically clickbait – but you have to decide if that is appropriate for you art.” – Suli Breaks, Spoken Word Artist 
“The biggest misconceptions is that you have to be signed to be on Vevo, which just isn’t the case.” – James Underwood, Senior Editorial Manager UK, VEVO
“You can have the best music video in the world, but it’s also about how you interact with journalists and bloggers. We need you to come to us with your music, but don’t then spam our email or social media.” – Laura ‘Hyperfrank’ Brosnan, Music Journalist at Complex UK
To find out more, grab your tickets to the next Industry Takeover seminar.