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We’re heading back to Red Bull Studios on Tuesday 16 May as part of our successful Industry Takeover series. On this month’s agenda is ‘Getting A Gig’ – where we’ll be discussing the best ways to get into the mix and ultimately grow your audience with live shows.

Do you want to… 
- Get on a show or festival line-up?
- Organise your own gig or club night?
- Discover how you can get paid to perform? 
- Find out what it takes to catch the eye of a booking agent?
If you answered, yes, then this session is for you. Grab your ticket now to next week's Industry Takeover seminar.
CMU’s Co-Founder and Editor, Chris Cooke and our panel of industry insiders will be breaking down the facts. Speaking on the night will be Milly Allen, Booking Agent at CODA Agency, Kaiya Milan, Artist Manager to Kojey Radical and Noah Ball, Founder of Outlook, Dimensions & Sunfall Festivals. 

Playing in front of a live audience is often viewed as one of the building blocks for an artist’s career. Especially, when it’s the most effective way to build a fanbase. Unlike your favourite musician, you’re unlikely to start earning megabucks from live shows straight away, but with lots of performance practice, a growing audience and great material, you’ll be on the right track.
We asked one of our industry experts about the importance of getting gigs and this is what he had to say:
“It’s true that the grassroots circuit is hardly financially lucrative for many new bands, but it’s supposed to be a platform for emerging artists to hone their craft in writing and performing, build their audience and show their worth…The one thing that never changes in the entertainment industry is the essential relationship between the artist and the audience.” – Alex Mann, The Musician’s Union
To find out more, grab your ticket now to next week's Industry Takeover seminar.