NEWS: Just Jam - To Vote Or Not

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Should you vote? Or nah? Just Jam invites a select few to talk all things politics...

Election season is upon us and to those of you who are old enough to, we're sure you've been thrown a sack load of information about what people claim they'll do for you if they're voted into power. Your vote, now more than ever, is the most valuable possession you own and (up to) seven parties are fighting for yours.
The youth vote is particularly valuable as statistics show that this demographic votes in the smallest amount of numbers. There are enough young voters who for whatever reason do not vote that could likely sway a decision in Parliament and begin to prompt some sort of change in the House of Commons. With this in mind, Just Jam put together a special edition of their online broadcast ahead of the deadline to register to vote. If you are registered and planning to vote (or planning to not vote or perhaps spoil your vote) it's an informative watch with real opinions from people who are genuinely affected by many of today's Government's issues.
Election Day is May 7.