#News: Save The Sound Of Young London – Reprezent Radio Need Your Help!

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As Reprezent Radio faces closure, it’s time to put your hands in your pocket and help save the sound of young London! Find out exactly how here…

Ever since their launch back in 2011, Reprezent Radio have wasted no time in developing a name for themselves as The Sound of Young London, providing both a diverse range of content to the airwaves as well as an array of unique opportunities for young people to get involved in.

In almost five years of the station coming to light, they’ve consistently dedicated themselves to supporting young urban talent in all the ways that they know how, and have been responsible for helping over 1000 young Londoners find their way into employment and further education. Through recognizing the needs of the youth culture of today and having a deeper understanding of young individuals, they currently stand as one of the leading outlets for young people to truly be able to express themselves, enabling them to not just be heard but to really be listened to as well.

Unfortunately, critical funding which has helped keep the organisation running has been cut, so Reprezent Radio and Urban Development are calling on all who care about the cause to get involved and help keep the Sound of Young London going!

Donations can be made from as little as £1 and there is currently only three weeks left for you to make a contribution, so make sure to get behind them in time and show your support today!

“We are the Sound of Young London. We amplify what the mainstream media doesn’t, and can’t. We talk peer to peer, about topics that directly affect young people, but in a language that is understood, and sound tracked by the best new music. If Reprezent closes, another door gets slammed in the face of young urban talent. Young people are very poorly served in this political climate, and many do not vote because they don't feel there are options that represent them. Ironically this is why the main parties don't bother putting in any policies to entice young votes. The youth do however want to be heard. Reprezent is a crucial way of making that possible.”

For further examples as to why Reprezent Radio matters, check out our profile on the organisation here.

WORDS: Leyla Ava [@ava_leyla]