#News: Young Guns Network – Disrupting The Status Quo

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The Young Guns Network will be ‘Disrupting The Status Quo’ for their next event. Find out exactly what the evening’s festivities will have in store for you when it kicks off next week!

They’ve already teamed up with some top quality companies and names for their previously launched events, so why should the next one be any different?

This time around, the Young Guns Network have called on Shazam and LiveFi for their November networking event, Disrupting The Status Quo, which will see YGN celebrate tech start-ups who have been successfully shaking up the music industry upon their arrival.

Guest speakers will be on hand throughout the night to share their areas of expertise and talk about how they went from turning their innovative ideas into a reality that have subsequently gone on to change the way we do business. If they could do it, then so can you, and the wonderful people over at YGN are giving you the chance to find out exactly how by bringing you yet another informative affair.

Confirmed for the night are Shazam’s Music Manager Stephen Titmus and LiveFi Founder and Managing Director Mark Mitchell, and a recent addition to the already fabulous line up has been revealed as Alessia Sannazzaro, Project Manager at the new music discovery mobile app, Choosic. Further details below.

: The Young Guns Network #9 – Disrupting The Status Quo
Date: Thursday November 27
Time: 19:00 to 21:30
Where: Shazam Entertainment Limited, 26-28 Hammersmith Grove, W6 7HA
Speakers: Mark Mitchell of LiveFi, Stephen Titmus of Shazam, Alessia Sannazzaro of Choosic
Presented By: Carly Wilford [Rinse FM]

What better place to celebrate trailblazers than at one of the most important game-changers in modern music: Shazam. Once known as ‘2580’ and now a staple on every music lover’s phone (500 million+ app downloads to date), Shazam has changed the way we discover music, as well as having a leading effect in label boardroom meetings. The Shazam chart has evolved to be one of the most comprehensive ways of showing what audiences are enjoying and its explosion in growth sees more than 100 million mobile monthly active users.

Joining Stephen will be HD live streaming company LiveFi’s founder and Managing Director, Mark Mitchell. Founded in 2012 by a then 23-year-old Mark, LiveFi now specialises in live music multi-camera productions. Two years in and over 100 gigs later, LiveFi has developed into an industry partner consistently used by all of the majors and several indie labels to create amazing content that fulfills the marketing and promotional objectives of their clients. 

We're excited to announce that our third and final guest speaker for YGN #9 - 'Disrupting The Status Quo' at Shazam will be Alessia Sannazzaro, Project Manager at the new music discovery mobile app Choosic. Before joining Choosic, Alessia has worked on projects for Twitter, Kodak and more!

Registration for this event has now closed but don’t worry! You can look forward to more fabulous events from YGN in the near future. Keep yourself in the loop by checking in on their website from time to time and following them on their socials.