Nyakz Speaks To Us About Applying For Urban Artist School

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We’re looking for talented musicians to join our 36 week long Urban Artist School. The program aims to develop artists and help create sustainable careers within the music industry. We will support your progress to enable you to generate ideas quickly and respond to the creative potential of your work effectively and fluently. Course begins 12th September 2016. Deadline for applying 29th July 2016.

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We're now in the last few days of recruiting for Urban Development's 2016/17 Urban Artist School. We asked past students of UAS how they felt about the course and why they feel musicians shouldn’t miss out on this amazing opportunity. 
We caught up with Nyakz, an artist from class of 2015/16, to ask him about his development throughout the course and the benefits of studying alongside other musicians. Before you jump into the interview fly over to listen to his most recent release Emotionless, I Wish.
Why do you think people should apply for the Urban Artist School course?
It’s a chance for you as an artists to get the head start you need in developing your skills as a creative practitioner.  On the course you will have a chance to develop your unique selling point (USP), work with industry professionals, and develop your music. You will also be able to get support on various other aspects of your career. 
What you learnt from the course?
I realised how valuable it is to develop my USP and how I can use it in every different part of my life. This is deeper than just my music. My USP is how every single part of me, from me as a person to my music, how it works in harmony with how I can create something special. It’s how I communicate my ideas so that listeners want to invest in me and share my experiences alongside me. Prior to joining Urban Artist School I understood the importance of a USP but I feel like the course helped me to really develop and grow.
The course also supported me through cultivating my own mind set. I learnt to get out of my own way and see how easily I had become stuck in my own ways. Looking at the thinking behind the manner in which I create my art. Having a chance to get input from various musicians, managers and people alike in the industry.
Lastly, the course really made me focus on time management. Sometimes as artists we get caught up in taking our time. We want to spend 3 weeks working on that 'special' record but in the music business you don't always have the time you want to complete a project. Working with the various producers allowed me work to deadlines but still deliver. This was a good reality check for working within the music business.
What did you enjoy the most about being a part of the school?
In general meeting other musicians in an environment in which we could exchange ideas was the best part. We spoke about music business practise, the art itself, studio techniques and various other important aspects of an artist’s career. Despite the fact, we as creators, had to agree to disagree these debates really made my time on the course an enjoyable experience. 

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