How to get your song on iTunes / Spotify

As streaming services continue to grow in popularity, it only makes sense that registering your music on platforms like Spotify and iTunes is essential for success (and your ultimate plans for world domination). In this article, we breakdown everything you need to get started. Full story

What does an A&R do?

A&R stands for artists and repertoire and they sit in a division within a record label with several important roles. If you’re an artist, manager or producer, it’s worth getting to know a bit about A&Rs, especially as they’re often considered as the gatekeepers of the music industry; and if you sign with a label, they’ll definitely play a huge part of your career. Full story

Why it's important for artists to collaborate

Think about some of your favourite collaborations in music. What was it you loved about them? Was it the mix of styles, the new sound they created or the fact it opened your eyes to a new artist? Either way, all of these are great reasons to work with others. When starting out in the industry, collaboration is more important than ever and here’s why. Full story

How to find a music producer

Perhaps you’ve got a few songs written, have been gigging for a little while and you’re ready to lay some tracks down in a recording studio. Your first job is to find a producer and here’s everything you need to get started. Full story

Intellectual Property 101: What do you need to know?

Intellectual Property gets a bad rep for being confusing, but it really doesn’t need to be rocket science. When it comes to the music industry, the key areas covered by intellectual property laws are your content - so your songs, recordings and videos, as well as your merchandise. The main kind of intellectual property you need to know about is copyright, which is essentially the way your creative work is protected from being duplicated or monetised by anyone other than the owner. Full story

How do you get paid music royalties?

Music royalties are often one of the first exciting milestone when you’re on your way to making an income as an artist. Here’s our quick guide to music royalties and how to get paid. Full story

How to register a song with PRS

One of the first steps in earning an income from your music is to license your songs. In other words, you are registering the ownership of your music, to ensure that the music industry knows who to pay for the right to play your track. Full story

Artist Managers: who needs them and what do they do?

Most new artists manage all sides of their career independently when they’re starting out - from making the music and securing gigs to distributing their songs online. Juggling both the creative and business sides of the industry is a lot to handle alone, which is why a manager is usually the first business partner that a new artist needs. The manager’s role is broad and differs from case to case. It’s their responsibility to take care of the business affairs, help the artist to excel creatively, develop a strategy to take their artist’s career to the next level and crucially monetise their artists career. Most importantly, a good manager has to truly believe in their artist’s talents. Full story