Industry Takeover at Roundhouse Rising Festival [FULL GRIME PANEL REVEALED]

Industry Takeover returns with a productive artist & music supporter's day-out at Roundhouse Rising Festival. We return with the overwhelming popular A&R surgery, grime debate and energetic showcase. We're dedicated to the growth of urban music in Britain; so we've teamed up with leading youth lifestyle platform Complex UK to bring together key players in the business to delve into the past, present and future of urban music. Full story

Here’s What Went Down at our ‘Making Money from Music’ Seminar

Last week we kick started Industry Takeover with our first seminar of 2017 at Red Bull Studios. CMU’s Co-Founder, and Editor, Chris Cooke hosted the evening and delivered a vital breakdown of ‘Making Money from Music’. Experts from Atlantic Records, Live Nation and management company Play Hard Management joined the takeover panel to share their own lessons within their sector. The sold-out event saw Chris and our three panelists discuss in practical steps how aspiring artists can turn their talent into a career. Full story

Shola Ama gives us her sweetest taboo

We take it back through the years of British urban music to highlight some of the great archives of talent. To kick-start this section we take it back to 1999 to Londoner Shola Ama, featuring on Glamma Kid's, hit record 'Taboo'. The song stormed the charts and gained them both a Top 10 position. Full story

UK music needs to see a return of Hawk House

Hawk House's single 'Tidal Tendencies' was a breath of fresh air in 2013. Their mixtapes 'A Little More Elbow Room' and 'A Handshake To The Brain' received overwhelming attention from fans, labels and critics. We're excited to see what music they've been working on. Full story

Shakka's new single is a message to his Ex

Shakka's doing fine on his own with his new release 'Don't Call Me'. His past tracks 'Say Nada' and 'Walking with Elephants' igniting attention across radio, media and to see him perform a headline show. This song is without a doubt going to be his next hit! Full story

Urban Artist School Academy returns for February half-term

In January 2016 Urban Development began an ambitious and exciting project, funded by Arts Council and Youth Music, which aims to increase opportunities for young people to develop their musical skills - with a focus on commercial and urban music. Urban Artist School Academy returns for February half-term for 13-17-year-olds. Full story