Reload Takes On The EU Referendum [Exclusive]

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It’s been a very confusing time since the results of the Europe Referendum was announced 2 weeks ago. MP’s from different parties are turning against each other and our whole United Kingdom seems completely divided. Our very own Urban Artist Music School alumni Reload exclusively reveals his new politically fueled anthem 'Leave'

Our very own Urban Artist Music School alumni Reload is no stranger to touching on difficult topics, his recent SBTV Warm Up Session from last year covered the personal stories of a refugee he met, and has created a reflective open letter to all the boroughs who votes leave. With his unique mindset, growing up in Wolverhampton in the Midlands and now living in North West London, Reload digs through the leave campaigns message in this exclusive Leave track. We caught up with the voice of reason to reveal his views for writing this politically fueled anthem laced over a High Frequency production.

What inspired you to write the track?
My inspiration behind Leave was a mixture of raw emotion and the fact such a massive decision from the general public has divided large parts of the country and affected the very fabric of our society. I’ve been engaged in quite a few personal conversations and I felt it was only right to use my art to bring my opinion to life. 
What was the hardest part to write?
I didn’t find writing it too challenging but the difficulty was hidden in the anxiety before I wrote it. I would be lying to you if I said I didn’t want to be one of the biggest artists in my genre but sometimes there is a general paranoia that if you speak about issues that matter or current affairs in your music, you won’t get the same support as if you were to do ignorant or easy going music.  From time to time I have to have a conversation with myself about why I first started creating music and that was to release my thoughts and use my pen to document the truth. 
Why should young people be vocal about politics?
I think more young people should be vocal on politics because many decisions that are made will directly affect us as young people. The hardship I have with politics, and I think many other young people have, is that I’m extremely skeptical about the whole political system and process - whether my voice actually matters in a democratic sense. It’s almost as if there needs to be some kind of drastic action for our voices to be heard. 
You did a power piece for SBTV on the Syrian refugee crisis and now this strong song on the EU, what drives you to voice your opinions? 
If I’m being brutally honest I’m just a musician who voices my opinion. All of the music I have made and intent to make won’t be about current affairs and politics. I like to have a balance and speak passionately about things that affect me whether that’s about social, political, relationship or street issues. So many musicians have a lot to say regarding the referendum, just check their twitters, but its like people are scared to put in on wax because of these anxieties. Music has always been a channeling force for me, it has been with me during my highest and lowest moments, I think it’s a universal language that unites us. 
You attended Urban Development's Urban Artist School, what was it like attending?
I met a lot of different musicians who were all equally talented and driven in their own right. From vocalists to poets and producers there were so many different talents I could draw from and the tutor & support team was great. I was given loads of performance opportunities and the relationship I have with them continues to help me to this day. 
What knowledge and skills did you leave with that you might not of had before hand? 
To be honest I have learnt a lot from the arts school in different ways. I’ve definitely developed my marketing strategy and one of the best skills I gained from a musical point of view was being able to deconstruct my weaknesses and focus on improving them. Sometimes as an artist you tend to lean on your strengths so exposing my weaknesses was important for me to develop as an artist. 

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