#SnackChat: The Age of L.U.N.A Schools Tour: Day 2

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This week Urban Development headed out on tour with the unique and uber talented 4-piece innovative hip hop band, The Age of L.U.N.A...

In-house producer NK-OK, rappers Butch Arkas and Kyoto Noir plus singer/songwriter Daniella Thomas make up the young London quartet putting their own fresh stamp on hip hop. United by a love of 90’s hip hop with a realm of other influences thrown into the mix including Fela KutiTears For Fears and grime heavyweights such as KanoThe Age of Living Under No Authority are making it their place to inject musicality and consciousness back into hip hop with their own UK twist.
Heading down to South London, we were told ahead of the show that the girls were overly excited, so much so that the band had to pre-sign all of the merchandise first. Not to put a downer on Southampton but Virgo Fidelis definitely turned all the way up, not shy in the slightest it didn’t take long to get them up and out of their neatly formed seated semi-circle and up on their feet signing along.
Testing out a new song So Right, So Good the girls had no problem joining in, even co-ordinating their own little dance to go alongside the track. The band kept the energy flowing despite three back-to-back shows for Year 7, 8 and 9, we’re pretty sure some girls came back for seconds too.

In addition to the live performance, the Q&A session provided some great insight into the music industry for the young people with great questions from the crowd; what happens if you don’t make it? What do your parents think of what you do? Other than music what skills do you have? All the schoolgirls seemed very astute and in tune with the realities of working in music and it was great to give them advice on the industry. One girl actually came back during the lunch hour to go through a song she was having trouble focusing on the hook and wanted some pointers from the band. All in all it was another great tour date with a week left to go, it can only get better.
To give you a taste of exactly what went down check out the video below and follow @urbandevelpmnt and @ageofluna to see what else the tour has in store…
WORDS: Nardene Scott [@NardeneScott]