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Her musical talents have seen her clock up an enviable celebrity fanbase throughout the year, including Brian McKnight, Tank, Keyshia Cole and Mr Probz, and we’re betting there’s a lot more where that came from in the New Year ahead! Find out what she had to say about it all when we caught up with the talented songstress…

Hi Anisa, how’s everything been since we last spoke?

Everything is good – I’m still working hard chasing my dream!

When we last spoke you were gearing up to take to the stage alongside James Arthur at the Indigo O2. How did it go?

It was such an amazing experience! It was the biggest crowd I have sung to so far and it was such a rush! I wanted to sing all over again when I came off stage.

You recently unveiled an acoustic performance of
Ghost courtesy of SBTV. Tell us a bit about the single. Was there anyone or anything in particular that inspired the track?

The song Ghost is an acoustic ballad. It’ s a song that explores the feeling of missing someone but it’s a little more complicated – sometimes you think you miss someone and actually you realise you only miss them when you’re alone, when you’re not busy, when you stop and allow your mind to wander..

You also released an extended version of your EP this year which includes a full set of the songs recorded and performed live. For those who have yet to hear it, could you tell them what they can expect to enjoy from the EP?

The EP is a set of 6 self -written, acoustic and live recorded tracks. It’s really stripped down, just my voice and the piano. I wanted the focus to be on the songs, the voice and the messages, and to be able to say this is 100% my work, I did this all myself, this is me!! The new extended version includes the song Ghost plus 2 bonus cover tributes to some of my biggest inspirations: Ne-Yo and Brian McKnight.

You mentioned previously that a trip to LA to do some recording was well overdue. Any plans in place yet? When can we expect to enjoy some new material from you?

I should be going out there in the New Year to work on some new material! I hope to have a new EP out soon. I love the acoustic stripped back sound but I might just throw in a few more instruments to spice things up this time!

How does the experience of song-writing and creating music compare from when you’re in London
to when you’re in LA? Does being in two completely different “worlds” (so to speak) inspire you in different ways or is it all the same wherever you are?

For me it’s not about where you make the music, but who you make it with. Writing songs and creating music is always a magical experience whether I do it in
London or LA, with other writers and producers or alone. But I must admit there is something so special about sharing the creative process with other musicians – especially when you have the right chemistry!

What about these exciting collaborations with Keyshia Cole and Tank that we’ve been hearing about? Anything you can tell us about that?

I’m still picking myself up off the floor about this! They both reached out to me after hearing me cover their songs on YouTube. It’s the most amazing feeling to get acknowledgement and praise from established artists that have inspired you for so many years.

Your musical talents have seen you build up an impressive famous fanbase from the above mentioned Keyshia Cole and Tank to Mr Probz and Brian McKnight. If you could add three more names to that list, which three artists would you love it to be?

So hard to pick! I would have to say Ne-Yo, everything he touches is just gold. Brandy and Mariah!! I’m not sure I would ever get up off the floor if that happened.

The year has once again flown right on by and is nearly coming to a close. What have been some of your career highlights or most memorable moments of 2014?

A massive highlight was supporting James Arthur at the Indigo O2 in July. That concert hall is magic and I have seen some of my favourite artists perform there! To be on the same stage was a huge rush!

Just a quick fire round now: you’re heading to the stage for the last ever time and you only have a 5 minute slot to perform just
one of your songs. What song would you choose and why?

I would sing Music. I sing this song in every set I do, whether it’s just a one song set or an hour performance! The song is so important to me: it’s about my love for music. I wrote this song for any one that has a passion for something that makes them feel like they’re dreaming in the daytime, and keeps them awake at night.

You’re forming an all-girl supergroup and have to enlist three other artists to join you. Which three artists do you pick?

Oh wow! I can pick anyone?! BRANDY, MARIAH

If you could leave your audience with one feeling or word after a live show what would you like it to be?


Sum up what music means to you in one word


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