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He’s already collaborated with the likes of Wretch 32, Ghetts and Skepta, has taken to the stage at the O2 alongside Michael Bublé and even bagged himself two nominations at the Urban Music Awards for his musical talents. Now, as he prepares for the release of a brand new project, ‘The Traveller,’ rising R&B artist Benny Bizzie had a quick chat with UD’s Leyla Ava about it all, and lots more. Check out the interview here…

Hi Benny Bizzie, thanks so much for talking with me. Please introduce yourself for our readers.

Hey guys ;) I go by the name of Benny Bizzie. I am an R&B singer and used to be a grime artist. I write songs for many singers and choruses for some rappers. I started working in music whilst growing up in Tottenham, you know, the time with pirate stations, emcee battles, mix tapes, channel U, So Solid’s ‘21 seconds,’ Damage, Next, Craig David’s ‘Rewind,’ Nasty Crew, Wiley, Dizzee? Yes, that era with CD walkmans, cassette players and minidiscs lol I love to work with developing talent and I love to write.

How would you describe your musical style?

My music is heavily influenced by R&B and Soul. However it is still edgy so the beats and bass drums are always thumping. I work hard on my melodies due to the fact that I listen to a lot of jazz and they are known for improvising with their melodies.

Who are your biggest musical inspirations in the game, past or present?

Craig David, Brandy, Usher and Whitney Houston for their R&B style, more recently Ella Fitzgerald and Tony Bennett. I also look up to the likes of Dizzee Rascal, Sway, BBK, Wiley, and Ghetts for their artistry and consistency.

You’ve collaborated with quite a few artists in your time, from Wretch 32 and Dot Rotten to Ghetts and BBK. When it comes to collaboration, what is it about an artist that makes you want to step into a studio with them? Are there any key qualities that you look for?

PASSION! I like it when an artist walks into the studio and you immediately know that they are passionate about their art.

If you could collaborate with any artist of your choice right now, who would you choose and why?

Probably Wretch 32, when I worked with him I was writing the songs and not singing them. At that point I was not yet pursuing a career in singing so now I would love to actually feature him on my track.

You recently dropped your brand new single, Someone, an incredibly romantic R&B number. Where did the inspiration behind the track come from?

Thank you ;) Well, I was in a situation with a beautiful lady who was…Hella Hot…Although she wasn’t ready for ‘Someone’ new. The experience was a memory I will hold on to for a very long time and a song came out of that - ‘Someone’

Someone - Official Music Video

As an R&B music artist and songwriter, what would you say are the key elements that go into making a really great R&B track?

Oo the bassline, some well fused chords, the right frequency and texture for the strings (not too sharp on the ear, not too bright) you need the warmth, the drums and maybe some synths for currency and movement. A nice rhythmic drum pattern and some room for the vocals to breath and do its thing.

The new single has been taken from your forthcoming project The Traveller, which is expected for release this autumn. Could you tell us what your fans can expect to hear from it?

There are quite a few surprises on the project in terms of sound and song-writing. I am experimenting a little with new melodic patterns and harmonies. I think it will be enjoyable and there are some meaningful songs too.

Other than new music, what else do you have in store for the rest of the year? Any upcoming events or other projects in the pipeline that we should all know about?

No dates confirmed, but some live performances are definitely on the cards. I am also linking up with producers to begin work on my album.

You’ve been involved in the UK
music scene for almost ten years now. What have been some of your career highlights or most memorable moments?

The collaborations (Wretch 32, Ghetts, Joe Grind, Dot Rotten, Rapid, Frisco, Skepta, JME) and the TV airplay of ‘Crying’; a song produced by Skott Summerz’ on Flava and AKA. Performing at the O2 alongside Michael Buble, the UMA nominations for two categories - Best R&B and Best Male. I’ve been supported by SBTV, Grime daily, Link up TV and RWD. I’ve also worked with amazing emerging talent through vocal production and song-writing - A.L Bennet, Yetunde Johnson, J Williams, and Mark Asare.

Just a few quick fire questions to round things up: if you had the chance to bring back one artist from the grave to perform/work with, who would it be and why?

Whitney Houston! What a voice, what a spirit! I was going to say Aaliyah, I miss her.

You’re forming an R&B supergroup and have to enlist three other artists to join you. Which three artists do you pick?

Mark Asare, Bluey Robinson, and Benjamin Clementine

Sometimes you wish people would…

Stop Overthinking! It’s really just not that DEEP.

Someone (Remix) - Feat. Joe Grind