#SnackChat: Words With Dretonio

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Winner of our #IndustryTakeover competition R&B artist Dretonio talks to us about what it was like taking to the stage for Urban Development, dishes details on his brand new single ‘Magic’ and reveals what else he has in store for 2015! Check out the full interview here…

Hi Dretonio, thanks so much for talking with me. Please introduce yourself for our readers.

I am Dretonio, a songwriter/recording artist from West London

If someone was to ask what kind of music Dretonio offers people, how would you describe it?

The kind of music I have to offer is nothing but real music!! When I say real music I mean it’s a combination of creativity and passion straight from the heart.

Who are your biggest musical inspirations in the game, past or present?

Coming from a musical family my biggest inspirations are my father, singe/songwriter Sinclair, and my sister, singer/songwriter Gina Marie, along with the likes of MJ, Ryan Leslie, JT & much more.

I have to say a huge congratulations on your win! How did it feel when you found out you had won?

Really excited and honored to be given the opportunity as I’ve been coming to Industry Takeover for a number of years.

It was your single Sky Rocket that saw you take the prize in the competition. Tell us a little about the song and how it came together.

I was at my home studio and one of my producers (Enoch John) came over with a melody idea which I fell in love with. The title Sky Rocket came to my head instantly. I then linked up with my sister and my other producer (J.O.) and we developed the idea into a full song. I then contacted E. Mak (rapper/songwriter) of 6figure Music to drop a 16 bar rap on the record. Once completed the record got sent out to radio and the response was really positive. It was described as future RnB by Sian Anderson on
BBC 1Xtra and also played on Capital and a number of other stations.

Sky Rocket Ft.
E. Mak – Lyric Video

And of course Sky Rocket was the track that you performed for us at Industry Takeover. I hope you enjoyed your performance as much as the rest of us did! How did you find the whole experience?

The experience was really cool, a real positive crowd with some great feedback.

You recently unveiled your brand new single Magic which has been lifted off of your forthcoming debut studio album Dretonio By Design. What can we expect to hear from the album? Anything you can tell us?

Let's just say I’m bringing something really fresh to the table. I’m really excited to share this project.

Other than the album release, what else do you have in store for 2015? Any musical projects or other plans in the pipeline that we can look forward to?

Other than the album I’m planning to re-launch my clothing range Blazay Clothing later in the year, along with one or two other music projects.

Magic – Lyric Video

Just a few quick fire questions to round things up: if you had the chance to bring back one artist from the grave to perform/work with, who would it be and why?

Would have to be MJ…why it’s a no brainer really – he was and still is the most influential artist of all time.

You’re forming a TGT style super group and have to enlist three other male artists to join you: who do you choose?

Chris Brown, Justin Timberlake & Ryan Leslie

If you could leave your audience with one word, thought or feeling after a live show what would you like it to be?

Be you, believe in you & keep a positive mental attitude.

Sometimes you wish people would… 

Just smile. You could make someone’s day just by smiling at them :))

Dretonio’s new single ‘Magic’ is currently available for pre-order on iTunes and can be purchased here