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As she gears up to perform at the O2 Academy on February 23, singer/songwriter Greyce spoke with UD's Leyla Ava about her amazing Acoustic Emotions E.P, what it was like performing on stage for the very first time and an exciting collaboration to follow in 2014...

Hi Greyce, thanks so much for taking the time to talk with me. Please introduce yourself for those who won’t be so familiar with you.

That’s no problem at all. For those who don’t know me, hello! my name is Greyce. I’m a singer/songwriter from London.

How would you describe your musical style?

I always find it hard to answer this question. Infact, any time I’m asked this question I find myself having to pause before giving an answer! Others often decribe my music as ‘soul music’ or introduce me as a ‘soul artist,’ I partially agree but personally would describe my musical style simply as ‘real music’. Real music in the sense that everything I write about is something that is real to me, and something that real people can relate to. My songs are built more on the lyrical content rather than the musical features that would place them into specific genres.

Who are your biggest musical inspirations in the game, past or present?

My biggest musical inspirations would have to be Jill Scott & Donnie McClurkin. These are two very different artists that have equally influenced and inspired me. I grew up listening to Donnie McClurkin and was always soothed by the tone of his voice and the harmonies in each song. I could connect to his music easily as there was trueness about his writing; this has inspired me to see through different perspectives. Jill Scott has been a great influence to me and I must say I'm in constant admiration of how she owns the stage in every performance, how she manipulates her vocals so easily, her range, her technique… the list can go on! My main inspiration from Jill Scott has come from her stage presence.

You’re credited as a singer, songwriter and a producer, but what one would you say is your biggest passion?

I'm trying not to be cheeky and pick out two but it’s a very close tie between singing and songwriting. I think that the two are almost married together and it's hard for me to sing without ending up writing a chorus, verse, or full song, and it’s equally hard for me to write a song without feeling inspired to sing it out loud there and then! But yes, singing is my biggest passion. I can honestly tell you that through singing I found my actual voice and there’s a great feeling I get every time I’m on stage singing my heart out!

You released your debut E.P Acoustic Emotions late last year – a stunning compilation of soothing soulful sounds in my opinion. Could you tell us a bit about the E.P and the inspiration behind it?

Well, it’s all in the title really. This E.P is a very intimate and uncovered compilation of tracks that can allow its listeners to reflect on different emotions. It goes through the struggle to depart, to the loss of a life, to the needing to let go, to the freedom of finding that peaceful home. I created this E.P so that people can go on a journey with me through Acoustic Emotions.

You’ve performed live on quite a few occasions over the years. What were those experiences like for you? Any shows that stand out from the rest?

Each of these experiences has been very different! I have gone from performing to crowds as little as 10 to audiences of 200+, so you can already imagine some of the differences. The main performance that will always stand out for me would be my first ever performance. I will always remember how nervous I felt before I went on stage and how every part of my body was shaking. I will also always remember the shockingly loud applauses and cheers I received after, and how I stepped down from that same stage knowing that “this is what I want to do”.

Thinking back to when you first started and looking at where you are now, how would you describe the journey that you’ve been on with your music?

This journey summed up in one word would have to be “unforgettable”. I started off as a person who was too scared to let anyone hear my music or my voice. I’ve developed so much strength through this musical journey. There have been ups and downs, but that’s how life goes, and every turn has been a learning process for me. I am now an artist thirsty to get my message across, no longer worried about having to performing in front of enormous crowds. If you knew me years ago you would be very shocked by my progression.
I noticed on your ‘collaboration station’ blog piece that you have a surprise in store for your fans regarding a special collaboration with a top-of-the-line New York rapper. Any chance of letting us know when we can expect to hear it?

Yes certainly! This collaboration has been a great experience for me and I’m quite honored to have the opportunity to connect with New York for such an occasion. We will be releasing our joint single this fall, followed by an official video shortly after. We are also in discussion of joining forces again to create a few more exciting collaborations.

Do you have any upcoming events or musical plans in place for 2014 that we should all be getting excited about?  

Performance wise, my next main event this month is on the 23rd February at O2 Academy. Music wise, this year I’ll be releasing two singles, one of which being entitled “Dare to Dream”. I’m also currently setting dates for some new video releases!

Based on your own experiences, do you have any words of wisdom that you could pass onto other people like yourself looking to pursue a career in music?

Simple! Don’t give up and always push yourself further. Never allow anything negative to hold up your growth and if one door is locked, knock on the next!

Just a few quick fire questions to round things up: if you had the chance to bring back one artist from the grave to perform with, who would it be and why?

I would choose Amy Winehouse. As well as having a great love for her music I also like the atmosphere the band creates in each live performance and would love to join in the experience.

Who would you most like to open for? 

That would have to be Lisa McClendon.

Sometimes you wish people would…

Stop thinking “what if” and just do!

To check out the soulful sounds from the Acoustic Emotions E.P and to stay up to date on all things Greyce be sure to follow her on the links below.

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