#UDMF: Meet The Ambassador - J2K

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Profiling the people supporting our cause... the people who #daretodream

Having supported Urban Development in the past by taking part in our Industry Takeover seminars, we're extreamly excited and thrilled to announce that Jason 'J2K' Black has agreed to support The Urban Development Music Foundation's mission to #daretodream and become a UD Ambassador.
J2K is the entrepreneurial mastermind behind Crep Protect; the revolutionary rain & stain protector that's got everybody talking. But before he took the sneaker world by storm, J2K was running the streets and later the charts with Grime collective Roll Deep. He has also enjoyed success as a solo artist, releasing a number of singles, mixtapes and EP's

Launched in 2012, Crep Protect can now be found all across the country in JD Sports stores. Soon after in 2014, he launched Cure; a cleaning product comprised of a unique cleaning solution, brushes and cloth in a shoe box-style case and in March of this year launched Crep Protect Wipes; a handy, more travel friendly solution to scuff and marks while on the move.
I'm really happy to be named as an ambassador for Urban Development as I've been a massive supporter of their work for a long time. The continued growth of the UK urban scene is a cause really close to my heart and UD as a company nurtures young talent from all backgrounds, while equipping them with the tools needed to flourish in their chosen path. They understand both the culture and the music industry innately, and such are are able to synergise the two worlds very successfully.
With impeccable business acumen, a highly respected musical career and a long time support of Urban Development, we're extremely honoured and proud to have Jason 'J2K' Black as an ambassador for UDMF.
Do you #daretodream? Find out more information about UDMF here.
http://www.twitter.com/j2klive | http://www.twitter.com/CrepProtect