Urban Artist School's Shemzy Tells Us Why You Should Apply


We’re looking for talented musicians to join our 36 week long Urban Artist School. The program aims to develop artists and help create sustainable careers within the music industry. We will support your progress to enable you to generate ideas quickly and respond to the creative potential of your work effectively and fluently. Course begins 12th September 2016. Deadline for applying 29th July 2016.

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We’re at our last week of recruiting for our 2016/17 Urban Artist School. So we've asked our past students of UAS how they felt about the course and why they feel you shouldn’t miss out on this amazing opportunity. 
Shemzy attended our class of 2014/15 and fuses his grimey rap influences with a sound he coins Dirty Pop. He’s currently finishing up his In The Dark EP but until then check out his latest SBTV ‘Man Right Now’ and his Panda Remix ‘Pegasus’.
The course aims to support and give guidance with your personal brand, develop your personal sound and equipment skills and produce a portfolio of recordings both individually and in a group. 
Course begins 12th September 2016.
Deadline is Friday 29 July 2016.

How would you describe your sound?
Dirty pop, now I don't say that to start a new trend but it's not 100% Grime or 100% Rap - it's those two and then some.  The "Dirty" represents the not so shiny, clean, city culture but the alley ways and rat infested uncleaned playgrounds we grew up in where some these of lyrics were made. The "Pop" represents the catchy and colourful radio friendly element that I usually bring to my music to engage and persuade today's listeners. A song like 'Man Right Now' is epitome of Dirty Pop. 
You rap, sing and produce – what do you feel is your strength?
So basically, I grew up singing songs and I picked up rapping and I learned to be a Music Producer. Singing came first, the MC art form came into effect between 2002 and 2005 while still doing local showcases as a young singer. I'd also hit up little Grime sets MCs like Pauly Papers and Jammz.  The beat-making was something I did on the side, it was when I got into college that I realised that being a really good beat maker is not the same as being a record producer. As I grew older, in to my late teens, I cared about singing a lot less and wanted to predominantly spray bars and just sing my own choruses which separated me from my peers. Now at the age of 25 I'm not bothered about separating them but I feel I should fuse them all together; but balancing all is the difficult part though. I can't go to Mode FM to do grime and then record R&B the next day because my voice will still be in recovery mode.
You attended Urban Development's Urban Artist School – Tell us a bit about your experience?
It was an interesting course; I never learnt about music in such an expressive way before that. Most courses would try to dumb student’s natural creativity down but something about the way Luke, our teacher, explained things, reignited a flame inside that I had lost when I went off to university.
What should someone applying for September be expecting from the course?
I don't really know if I’m honest but that's the good thing about it - to expect the unexpected. A lot of boot stomping and chalk dust.
To what extent do you feel the course and people supported your development in your career? Was there anything you hadn’t encountered before that has now allowed you to take your talents further?
I was asked to perform in front of some very important people that may not casually listen to grime or hip-hop. These different kinds of audiences helped me to create different styles of music that now allows my music to stretch out far and wide.
What's your latest track that's out?
A song called 'Pegasus’, I didn't make the beat to this one as it's just my take on an already popular song by Desiigner & Kanye West. With 'Pegasus' I just wanted to remind people that I can still tap into the Grime style flows while being able to appeal to the ‘mandem’ out there that want to hear auto-tuned vocals and hit the DAB! Even in that song I briefly explain that I make songs that have depth but cover them with catchy choruses and melodic verses so that radio stations can support. With that one, the more you listen to it the more you understand what I'm talking about.

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