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We’ve formulated an exclusive series of top tip videos from, our heavy-weight panel of experts at, our monthly Industry Takeover seminars. This month’s video is taken from our February event on the subject of ‘Getting Started and Building a Team’. Speakers include Jamila Scott from Method Records, 2-Tone Entertainment’s Shaurav D'Silva and Will Spencer from digital platform Music Glue. Don't miss out on the next seminar ‘Making & Monetising Video Content’ on Tuesday 19th February, down at Red Bull Studios.

in association with CMU:DIY – 2017 Sessions
Seminar 04: Making & Monetising Video Content
Date: Tuesday 18 April 2017
Location: Red Bull Studios, London SE1 2JP
Time: 6-9PM
Video content is more important than ever for building an audience for your music. We explore how you can you make great video content on a budget. We'll discuss creating videos for your tracks, live and acoustic sessions, and exclusive behind the scenes content. How should you distribute your videos and learn how to monetise your YouTube channel? We dissect every option.