WatchMe: ABSORB Takes It To The Streets... Literally!

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In a new effort to spread his music to the masses, ABSORB takes directly to the people... In person!

All up & coming artists suffer the same frustration of trying to get their music heard by the masses. However, Durham based MC ABSORB might have just come up with a brand new & intuitive way in getting his music to the people. Targeting not only bass music nights within his native Newcastle, ABSORB has set up shop in a number of prime locations within the city centre, and rather than approaching people with his promo material, he simply stands and waits for people to approach him and enquire about his sign. Genius!
“When you’re dealing with the public, it’s always a lottery as you never know how they’re going to act or indeed react, especially because I usually go out at night. I’ve had all kinds of responses so far; from drunk people getting all up in my face and being quite intimidating, to people coming up to me trying to give me money because they think I’m homeless. Having encountered this a number of times, I’ve had to edit my sign a little bit. Overall, the reaction has been extremely positive because the sign is intriguing and once people read it, they find it very difficult not to ask."
The sign appears to be working for him as he further explains;
"I might rap some bars if that’s what they want and I give them flyers so they know where to find me online. I quite often have photos taken with people and people film me rapping on the street so the word is definitely spreading…”
If you're feeling to check out some of ABSORB's music, head over to his Soundcloud page for more. Keep it up!