We Take On Marketing In Our Last Industry Takeover Seminar [Tickets]

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In the last of this series Industry Takeover Seminar and CMU:DIY connect to deliver you marketing; exploring music, media and PR.

You've written the songs, you've recorded some tracks, your socials are sorted and you're starting to gig, how to get on the radar of media and industry? Which blogs have influence? How do you get news, reviews and interviews? How do you get played on the radio? And how are A&R's discovering new artists in 2016. It's all about getting noticed at the final seminar before the summer break.
Get your tickets now for Industry Takeover Seminar x CMU:DIY - Marketing: Music, Media & PR. 

CMU MD and Business Editor Chris Cooke once again hosts a panel of top level industry insiders to talk about the most important topics effecting your music right now. 
Sam Potts is manages Columbia Records’ team of radio pluggers. In 2012 he also co-founded the Young Guns Network - which is run for and by people aged 18-25. Its monthly events feature a young speaker from the music industry opposite a seasoned professional. These have been hosted by Spotify, Coda Agency and Universal. 
Jake Helps manages Spinnup here in the UK, Universal Music’s digital distribution service for unsigned talent, with a focus on talent discovery. They work with mainstream recording labels like as Polydor, Virgin EMI and Island Records. He’s always on the hunt for interesting and promising artists.
Simon Rugg started out on the shop floor of HMV before founding a radio station at UWE (The Hub) and, after stints at Sony and the BBC, moved to [PIAS]. Now he’s part of the Artist & Label team at [PIAS] UK, currently works with 200 independent record labels with a number of partners including Spotify, Amazon, Deezer, and Sainsburys.
On the media front we have Tobi Oke who is an experienced Staff Writer at Complex UK. With past roles including Editor at GRM Daily and Columnist at MTV he has an extensive background working within British music. Tobi now specialises in uncovering and promoting new artists, both independent and signed.
All sessions include a panel discussion, Q&A, and dedicated networking opportunities; swap cards with industry movers, spark new contacts with peers and start a revolution.
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