One of our core projects, offering an unrivalled programme of professional development, entertainment, education and networking opportunities to hundreds of industry-minded youth and hopefuls from across the capital and beyond.

Industry Takeover delivers future-proof advice to help any aspiring artist or music professional get a foot in the door. Our renowned project breaks up into two divisions; a series of monthly seminars (at Red Bull Studios) and our flagship all dayer event which boasts showcases, master classes and workshops. 
Our specialist panels are curated and delivered by industry experts and offer insights, opinions and practical tips. We provide spaces for discussion, engaging Q&A, and dedicated networking opportunities; to swap cards with influencers, spark new contacts with peers and inspire collaborations.
Our most recent series of seminars ran from January-June 2017. Our attendance has grown over the last year after creating engaging topics that support the popularity of creating music DIY style. Seminars covered themes from making & monetising video content, making money from music and building a fanbase with social media.
We'll be announcing our new series of seminars shortly. Follow our Twitter for the latest updates.