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Sunday Roast Live: with Joe and Scully

A special edition of Joe and Scully’s legendary Reprezent radio show Sunday Roast, exclusive to Industry Takeover. Debating the topic ‘The future of live underground music post-Form 696’, Joe and Scully will be joined by a panel of passionate industry insiders who’ll be keen to have their say. Full story

How to Steal My Job: A Beginner’s Guide to the Music Industry | Industry Takeover All Dayer 2019

Powered by CMU:DIY and Polydor Records/Universal Music UK What better way to kick off Industry Takeover 2019 than this information-packed session. This is music industry 101, an absolute must for anyone who dreams of a career in music, whether it’s performing, producing or managing. You’ll learn from the pros about the structure of the industry, how it all fits together and how that structure relates to artists. Full story

100% DIY: How to manage yourself as an artist

We’re seeing more and more artists successfully self-manage these days. So whether you haven’t found the right manager yet or like the idea of being in control of every aspect of your business, it ’s more than achievable. Be realistic when setting goals, and prepare for some serious graft, but in return, you know that all the profits are coming straight to you and you’ve got complete artistic control. Full story

How to get your music heard

You’ve laid down a few tracks now you’re ready for the world to hear them, but how to get your new bangers out to fans and industry insiders? Here are a few tips to get you started with building your fanbase and impressing the tastemakers: Get Online Full story

Sync deals: how to get your music played on TV

Effective sync deals have launched many artists’ careers. A sync deal is an agreement between the license holder of a song and a television company, video game maker or advertiser who wants to include that song as a soundtrack or use it in their media. As a way to get your music out to a bigger and more diverse audience, not much beats this method. But how do you go about securing a sync deal? Full story