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Industry Takeover All Dayer: Networking It's Now Or Never

On Saturday 23rd February Urban Development are hosting our very own one-day urban music conference! It is called Industry Takeover All Dayer and is a combination of A&R sessions, workshops, panels and showcases which bring the best and brightest in urban music right to you! Have you ever been to a music networking event where you find yourself nodding aimlessly and your mind drifts off to whether you've defrosted that 5-month old lasagne, or if instead you should just pick up a Nando's? Chicken and chips visuals infiltrate your mind's eye all because the person you're meant to be having a 'conversation' with is ranting on about how they're going to be the next Stormzy. Point being, don't be this guy. Full story

Sync deals: how to get your music played on TV

Effective sync deals have launched many artists’ careers. A sync deal is an agreement between the license holder of a song and a television company, video game maker or advertiser who wants to include that song as a soundtrack or use it in their media. As a way to get your music out to a bigger and more diverse audience, not much beats this method. But how do you go about securing a sync deal? Full story

Here’s a rundown of our ‘Building A Fanbase: Social & Music Media’ seminar

This month we returned to London’s Red Bull Studios for the third installment of our Industry Takeover series. Hosted by CMU’s Co-Founder and Editor, Chris Cooke, alongside industry experts from Virgin EMI, GRM Daily and YouTube, the seminar aimed to shine a light on how independent artists can use their social channels and media to take their brand to the next level. Full story