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#SchoolMe: 8 Tips On Building Brand Awareness

In just under three weeks’ time, our first free event of the year, ‘Industry Takeover: Creating A Brand That Sells’ will be opening its doors at University Square Stratford with a panel of branding experts on deck to teach you everything you need to know on the topic. So to kick things off and give you a little taster of what’s in store we share with you some top tips on how YOU can pick up the pace with your brand and start building the recognition that it deserves. It’s #schoolme time… Full story

#News: Industry Takeover Returns For 2015

It’s our first installment of the year and it’s guaranteed to be a great one! Fancy learning about the wonderful world of branding and how YOU could take advantage of it? Then head down on January 28 and get schooled at our first Industry Takeover of 2015! Full story

#SchoolMe: How To Be An Opening Act That Everybody Loves

Winner of our Professor Green competition Aina More already kinda sorta demonstrated this flawlessly when she supported the UK rapper at last week’s closing tour date gig at the Roundhouse, but still, there’s no such thing as too much guidance. For a few pointers on how to be a great opening act, it’s today’s #schoolme… Full story