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Industry Takeover at Roundhouse Rising Festival [FULL GRIME PANEL REVEALED]

Industry Takeover returns with a productive artist & music supporter's day-out at Roundhouse Rising Festival. We return with the overwhelming popular A&R surgery, grime debate and energetic showcase. We're dedicated to the growth of urban music in Britain; so we've teamed up with leading youth lifestyle platform Complex UK to bring together key players in the business to delve into the past, present and future of urban music. Full story

Bossman Birdie Feat JME 'My Yard'

Meridian is reunited for Bossman Birdie's latest single featuring Boy Better Know CEO JME. With references to the early visuals from Practice Hours DVD to Skepta's early MC name 'Moschino Joe'. Full story

Producer Preditah takes on Reason

Ever wondered how the best create their own unique sound? Urban Development explores youtube to filter through the best content to help you take your creative techniques to the next level. Full story

Meeting The Platform | GRM Daily | Posty

The team behind the Rated Awards and the leading urban entertainment music website, GRM Daily’s team will take you on a journey through their website at this year's Industry Takeover. While artists will have access to the tastemakers that select and create content, entrepreneurs will absorb the knowledge of how to build a successful start-up. Full story

Ralph Hardy delivers his NANG advice before he takes over.

Mr Hardy is an all-round creative who excels in his natural surroundings. Whether it’s presenting his Radar Radio show, DJing across the globe or curating his next Growing Pains compilation – he submerges himself in everything NANG. From being UD Creative and hosting our past Industry Takeover All Dayer; Ralph has curated an exclusive seminar and showcase that illustrates his organic ability as a tastemaker. Full story