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NEWS: Industry Takeover Returns This Week

In today's world, tech is king and has revolutionised the way our music and creative industries work. From apps to websites to platforms it can be confusing to understand the difference between all of them, or to understand what is going on behind the screen... Full story

#NEWS: Industry Takeover is back!

If you have ever wanted to work in the events industry, throwing the hottest club nights, star-studded concerts, launch parties, seminars or conferences. Or if you’re a business, brand or artist that would like to know what goes into creating a successful event that gets the media talking, then this seminar is for you... Full story

#NEWS: Industry Takeover is back!

From music labels to models, to social networking, today's rising young business stars display grit, passion and sheer determination to succeed in starting and running a successful business. The stakes may be high, but there's no fear with Generation D.I.Y. Come and hear stories, get advice and network with our amazing panel. Full story